Who are the deaf

“Who are the deaf” aims to visualise hearing loss and deafness in the mainstream society.
It aims to break stereotypes, by making the audience feel uncomfortable, leaving them in a moment of darkness or noisy uncertainty, and offering a visual parallel of how deafness and hearing loss might look if they could be visualised.


The video starts with a plausible dialogue between two
hearing people
, along which the screen frame gets smaller and smaller, as a visual metaphor for being narrow-minded.
At first, one might agree with all the stereotypes quoted in the video.

Team Project with:

Marta Discepoli


Film/ Motion Graphics


Nikon D810


After Effects & Premier Pro

24fps 1920x1080


But suddenly something goes wrong:

We all experience it.
We thought of visual noise as a powerful metaphor to represent the frustration and the breakdown in communication.

Most hearing people would think of deafness as a world of silence.
The drama of deafness is the drama of the communication breakdown.
Deafness still suffers from the stigma of invisibility, is a clod of society, squeezed in the many layers of our reality, is a cultural minority still unknown to the majority…do we even want to see it?

Like an annoying noisy background, the same we all can experience when something is not working. We are highlighting the common stereotypes about the everyday life of deaf people, to translate the frustration of not hearing into the frustration of not seeing.

The world is multi-sensory and deaf or Hard of Hearing people experience the auditory world from another perspective. This is why the only real question we should ask ourselves is “Who are the deaf?”

Signing: Will Clark - BSL user

Voiceover: James Mcintosh & Richard Thompson

Elina Karadzhova © 2019