'Life in Codes'

(Working Title)


Work in progress.

Experimentations towards

Final Degree Project








The project explores the interconnection between letterforms and human life. The simple graphic/written characters of alphabets, which we are used to use in our life as a means of communication, represent and carry much deeper concepts and ideas. The main source of inspiration is the Ancient Greek Alphabet, which  is considered to be the ancestor of all modern European languages and the first so called ‘true language’ as well as it is known as the language of science. One can find cross-references among most of the existing alphabets and their hidden meaning due to their origin which goes back to Semitic languages. My main influence is the Ancient Greek Alphabet, which synthesises the meaning of each letter in concise and simple fashion. Central for the project remains the idea of the explanatory essence of letters regarding life, human being and Nature. The photography series will be focused on the symbolic/ abstract visual interpretation of the letterforms meanings.







The approach to the series is entry constructed (i.e. built in the camera & studio constructions). The post-production with the software is minimal.

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