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The Liminal Space

* a short preview of the installation

The Liminal Space project explores the phenomenon of living in-between places, languages and cultures. As a result this in-between-ness affects our sense of belonging, memories and identity. The liminal is an uneasy space, a hectic experience, sometimes static, sometimes dynamic, unceasingly fluctuating!
This determines the aesthetics and the pace of the motion graphics, which are unsettled and restful at the same time. The Liminal Space is intangible, you cannot see it or touch it, but we carry it with ourselves wherever we are! Once you enter the liminal you can no longer get out of it, it is a loop, but at the same time it is a space of constant change.

The main characteristics of the liminal are the sense of dislocation and the feeling of belonging neither here nor there, but rather somewhere in-between.

Could we think of "home" as a liminal space?

The installation creates a sense of infinity by not having a definite beginning or an end, they merge seamlessly one into the other.

Primary Research Methods:

Cultural Probes | 34 participants in total took part, representing 12 countries and speaking 13 languages | aged between 20 and 50-year-olds

Voiceover: participants

Art Installation/ Motion Graphics/ Projection Mapping/ Research Project


After Effects

Millumin 2 | Resolume Arena 5


4xCasio Projectors

3840x800 | length: 3:30min | loop


*Video Installation - Shortlisted,The Creative Conscience Awards, 2017

Installation Coburg House

Motion graphics installation
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The Book

A book about the process and the concept behind the project The Liminal Space.

A piece created with some of the collages and photos produced by the participants, and selected quotations from either their writings or voice recordings.

It complements the main installation and it is projected on a separate wall.